5 Ingredient Morning Smoothie That's Like a Face Mask For Your Insides

We've been a "slow carb" household since the beginning of the year, which basically means no flour, no sugar, and no processed foods for 6 days of the week. On the 7th, you go crazy and eat whatever you like! For us, that's usually donuts, nachos, indulgent pastas, Ben & Jerry's, and sweet lattes. It makes for a fun Saturday!

Smoothies have been a welcome addition to my mornings since I'm not a huge breakfast person (with english muffins out of the equation - why bother?). This recipe is so, so good, makes you glow, and I promise you can't taste the spinach :)

5 Ingredient Morning Smoothie That's Like a Face Mask For Your Insides

2 cups of spinach
1 cup blueberries
1 scoop vanilla protein powder (we use this one!)
1 tbsp almond butter
3 dates (no swiping necessary)

Blend the spinach with 1/2 cup of water first to liquify. We have a vitamix so it blends easily, if you have a regular blender you might need to give it a little time! 
Add the blueberries, vanilla protein, almond butter and dates. 
Blend on high until it's super smooth and a cloudy shade of purple.

Why I call it a Face Mask For Your Insides: 
Spinach is super high in folic acid and vitamin C - two ingredients front and centre on the labels of the anti-aging products I'm always bringing home from Sephora. And the blueberries help your body up its antioxidant game! Antioxidants fight "free radicals" which, despite their name, are not that rad at all and cost your skin its glow. Free radicals are molecules your body makes when it's trying to fight off toxins from pollution or radiation. Left to their own devices they'll start destroying your cells, so it's important to send in the antioxidant-clean-up-crew (one cup of blueb's has over 13k antioxidants)! Lastly, the scoop of almond butter is full of vitamin E to protect you skin, which kind of makes it an internal sunscreen (you still have to wear sunscreen, this just helps). 

easy morning smoothie recipe for glowing skin

Happy blending :) 


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