Dakota is a Vancouver based content creator, creative director, and founder of Studio RSL - a hub for lifestyle inspiration and modern vintage for a reason, season, or lifetime. With a flair for creating, curating, sharing, and inspiring, Dakota created Studio RSL to combine her passions revolving around branding, fashion, spirituality, and elevating the everyday.

The RSL blog is your stop for lifestyle inspiration, style expressions, current obsessions, and personal insights. Our team also collaborates with aligned brands to create content for mutual elevation and expansion between us and you - the brands, people, and places we love.
Curious about a collaboration? Email us at hello@studiorsl.com

Inspired by a poem about things coming into our lives for a reason, season, or lifetime, Dakota applied this musing to vintage goods. When someone's reason or season with a garment is up, she swoops in to carefully curate for the collection and bring it back to the studio to be steamed and saged. After that, it's listed in the shop for you to make yours - maybe for a lifetime. 

Socialites: @shopstudioRSL
Antisocialites: hello@studiorsl.com