Apartment Tour: The Alba

As an organized and highly detail-oriented woman, Hannah is well versed in the art of maximizing efficiency and creating harmony in any given space. We're walking you through her sunny, seaside studio apartment and showing you how she transformed a blank canvas to a warm, inviting, spiritual haven.

What drew you to this apartment?
I found my apartment while I was living with a not so compatible roommate (to put it lightly). Although stress and desperation lead me to start my search, I truly believe everything happens for a reason. I never would have found my little home on Craigslist at 3am on a Tuesday if it wasn’t for my roommate's very timely antics. I was really set on staying in my neighbourhood, so when I came across a studio two blocks over, I drafted my email by the light of the moon and sent it off promptly at 8am. Over the next 5 days, I visited the building with crystals in my pocket, completed my reference checks, signed the lease and just like that it was mine!

How would you describe your space?

Organized, clean and cared for! This is the first time I’ve lived alone and I felt so much creative freedom when it came to organizing the space. I was surprised to find that a lot of things from the old apartment ended up staying in boxes. I only kept items that really inspired me and tried to avoid clutter. One of my favourite pieces, dark blue glassware from my parents' house, really spark inspiration for the apartment’s colour palette. They're such a nice reminder of home and the colour weaves its way throughout the space. Although little, I love how it feels like there are different areas I can retreat too. I often forget that my bed’s in the middle of the room (laughs).

What song would we most likely hear blaring from your apartment?
On the Sunny Side of the Street by Billie Holiday. I feel that it perfectly encompasses my apartment glow-up.

What do guests find surprising about your space?
The elevator ride on the way up! It definitely has a noticeable jolt when it reaches my floor. I would suggest the stairs for those who aren’t theme park enthusiasts.

What's your best memory living here?
One of the best memories was a night when my Mom was visiting from Ontario. It was her first time seeing the apartment and I had only been living there for a couple of months. We had spent a long, emotionally tumultuous day at Ikea (we’re talking 3 trips) picking out furniture. Asking for a friend, can you go to Ikea without having at least one meltdown? Late that evening, with everything assembled, the apartment officially felt like home. Dakota came over and met my mom for the first time. Just as we raised our glasses in a toast I got a text saying I was officially off my old lease and free of the negative energy I had carried forward from my old apartment. I hadn’t felt that light in months and I got to celebrate with the people I loved the most!

Tell us about move-in day!
It was a dark and stormy Saturday when I officially got the keys. (*queue horror movie soundtrack*) Despite the dreary weather my excitement was palpable. Since my new apartment was only two blocks away, I was set on moving as many boxes as I could on my own by foot before a friend came the next day with his truck. In the end, I made 23 trips back and forth. In the beginning, I thought it would get old, but every time I walked through my new entry, I was overcome with gratitude and a sense of pride in myself. I knew then and see now that I attracted the best space to nurture and grow the newest iteration of myself in.

What's next?

This summer I’m setting my sights to the balcony! It’s such a pretty space nestled behind a big maple tree. It almost feels like a tree fort. I’d love for the magic that I’ve cultivated inside to effortlessly trail outside. I’m envisioning olive green tones, dark wood, and plants hanging on the dividing wall. 

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