Apartment Tour: The Beasley

As lifelong HGTV enthusiasts, we're always eager to get an inside look into other peoples homes. You learn a lot about someone by the space they keep! Up first is our founder, Dakota. With just 441 square feet to work with in her downtown Vancouver apartment, she filled it with numerous plants (13, to be exact!), an assortment of colourful mugs, and her 6-year-old pomeranian. 

What drew you to this apartment?
Interestingly, the summer before I moved in I was on a walk through Yaletown and stopped to take a photo of the outside of this building. I loved the location and the super cute cafe right underneath! When winter rolled around I had to move, I found a listing for the same building and jumped on it. As soon as I walked in for my viewing, I knew I wanted to live here! I love the brightness and the nestled view of the city among the high rises - I have a view of the sunrise from my bed every morning.

How would you describe your space?
Tiny, but functional! I love that despite it being a studio apartment I was able to tuck my bed into the flex space and create a cozy nook. It's the literal definition of a bedroom - the room is full of bed. I feel like I sleep in the clouds. 

What song would we most likely hear blaring from your apartment?
Chameleon - PNAU. This song always gets me dancing first thing in the morning! 

What do guests find surprising about your space?
There is a designated "wooftop" - aka, a puppy patio for dogs. None for humans though haha! You can see where my priorities are. Emmy loves zooming down there and I love not having to leave the building to take her out - perfect for two city slicking gals. 

What do you keep on your fridge? 
My fridge space is strictly for positivity and inspiration! No bills or to do's live on there. I've got winning lottery tickets, a photo of my best friend and boyfriend, a pink sticky note that reminds me "you can't suffer your way to what you want" and a $100 bill to keep my money mindset in check. 

What's your best memory living here?
When I moved in, I had nothing but a pomeranian and plants. Living alone for the first time was an inspiring and empowering period of my life. I insisted on building all of the furniture I ordered without help, and spent so many cozy mornings wrapped up in a blanket on the couch just staring out at the city. I'll always treasure my time here and look forward to telling my future kids about their mama's time living in the big city all by herself. 

What's next? 
The secret is out - I signed a lease to start a new adventure with my boyfriend Ryan! We found a gorgeous condo in Olympic Village that suits our lifestyle and I can't wait to get it all unpacked. Stay tuned for a second apartment tour in the coming months! 

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