Just Good Art: Naomi Campbell By Peter Lindbergh

I've never been one to have true life-long favourites when it comes to things like favourite colours or numbers (although I did get busted once for trying to make my bank pin 11:11). When it comes to spirit animals, I was even more clueless as to which spoke to me while others so confidently declared wolves and eagles and giraffes to be theirs. All of this was true until last year when dalmations started showing up for me on the tail end of a big decision - or in time where I was majorly out of my comfort zone.

This shoot by Peter Lindbergh was published in Vogue US in 1990 and I haven't been able to get it off my mind since I stumbled across it. I'm a pom-mom through and through, but I think at some point in my life I'd like to invite one of these guys to join the family. I've done a little digging to see if there's a spiritual meaning when it comes to dalmations and the internet is surprisingly lacking in theories - but I did find an article that states, "a dalmatian dog may represent a tendency to overlook your own feelings to care about the needs of others." Whether they're there to serve as a reminder to look after myself or simply as reassurance that I'm on the right track, I'm grateful for these little signs from the universe.  

I'm curious - do you have a spirit animal? And if so, did you intuitively feel it or did it come to you through signs? I think my favourite part about spirituality is that everything is up for interpretation. Leave a comment so we can chat about it. xx

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