Manifesting Through Cocktails


Our Airbnb came with a stocked lemon tree in the backyard and we took full advantage every day for our happy hour rituals. When you're on vacation, you're looking to indulge and amplify feelings you often don't get enough of in your everyday life, (like adventure or relaxation). Similarly, when you're manifesting, you're looking to attract an experience or a feeling that you could benefit from, and feel is currently lacking. 

In LA, our manifesting talisman was one particular cocktail: the North Orange Driver. 

Here's what you'll need:
  • 1.5 parts turmeric vodka
  • 5 parts juice blend (peach, carrot, mango)
  • top with champagne or fizz

Sipping with good intentions:
Start by choosing your favourite glass and putting on music that gets you excited about your trip. Assemble the cocktail ingredients and let your mind wander and play in the endless potential of the adventure ahead of you. How do you want to feel on the trip? What do you want to see? How will you be changed? Get excited with every sip!  

Manifesting a dreamy vacation is really all about letting go. Make your plans, set your intentions, and then actively surrender to the adventure - and keep the butterfly effect in mind! Everything that comes your way is there to send you to your next destination. Cheers!

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