How I'm Raising My Vibration This Fall

There's a quote I like that says, "If you choose to go looking for something, you'd better be ready for whatever it is you find." I've typically only referenced this when asked for my philosophy on snooping through your boyfriends phone, but on Tuesday I found it so relevant in a different way! 
Lately I've been getting messages from my inner myself when I'm super quiet, usually during yoga, that my current relationship with alcohol isn't sustainable. It's not that I have any kind of drinking problem, and I definitely don't mean to trivialize alcohol addition for those who are truly suffering - but it's become clear weekend after weekend that my mind and body can't process a third glass of wine (or honestly even a single IPA) quite like they used to. 
After I spent a little time looking for a podcast or video on the topic that would hold my attention, I found Leeor Alexandra, a YouTuber who talks about the law of attraction, spirituality and self development. She wrote "Ending my love affair with alcohol is what my soul needed for transformation and transcendence," and coupled it with a video called Why I Stopped Drinking Alcohol & What Alcohol Does to Our Manifesting Abilities. I was so fascinated! Watch it and let me know what you think. Here's a couple of takeaways the piqued my interest:
On the belief that alcohol makes things more fun:
"Alcohol doesn't raise your vibration, it's your intention to have a good time that is raising your vibration." 

On who's at the wheel when you black out:
"It's said that there are spirits that hang around bars and clubs waiting for drunk people so they can take a joyride in their body." 

Now listen, I don't necessarily subscribe to demons taking over our bodies. I need to get a little more grounded in my spiritual beliefs before I can speak to that - but for now, what I do know is that I definitely don't subscribe to falling short of my manifestations due to consciously lowering my own vibration. I'm not cutting myself off of alcohol entirely, but I am taking a break from getting drunk and focussing on being really intentional when I do choose to have a drink.

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