How 'Roots Before Petals' Became My Mantra

After I left my full-time job in social media in April, I checked out 5 books on floristry from the library. I wanted to learn a new skill that involved working with my hands, (my whole hand, not just my thumb scrolling across my phone screen) and one that involved creating something real that I and other people could see, touch and smell. 

After reading approximately 7 pages of the first book, I left my apartment to pick up some flowers and got started on a bouquet for Ryan. My first bouquet! Aesthetically speaking... it turned out cute, and he treasured it until the last petal fell off (angel!), but in all honesty, I had no business making a bouquet before learning about proper arrangement techniques, flower pairings, and colour contrasts. I just got antsy and did it. 

Roots before petals is my new life philosophy: focus on building a solid foundation before worrying about what it looks like to the outside world.

I've had to keep this in mind several times along the way while building Studio RSL, and am (thankfully) finding myself recognizing quicker and quicker when I'm fluffing my petals before they've even had a chance to grow. 

In other news - it just occurred to me how fun a flower club could be. Like a book club, but for making bouquets. Would anyone be down?

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