#RSLBEAUTY: Self Love Through Skin Care ft. Constanza

I tend to shift my self-care focus every season or two - last winter I was in the hair salon getting my bob trimmed what felt like every other week, and throughout the spring I focused on getting extra bendy with 4-5 yoga classes a week. This summer my focus was my skin! I established a new go-to serum, spent hours watching Bravo with mud drying on my face, and tried a new sippable collagen supplement to make myself glow from the inside because apparently sangria doesn't have the same effect? Moving right along.

Constanza is a Mexico City based filmmaker. Her energy is pure sunshine and her skin stunning, so we had her share her favourite products and beauty routines that keep her self-love tank full. 

What inspired you to kick up your skin care routine? 
C: For the past couple of months I was working full time on a TV Series - and when I say full time, I mean 15 hours shifts. That’s how the film industry rolls. 
By the time I got home I was always so tired, and I never made time for myself. I would skip my night and morning skin routine and my skin got so upset. My forehead was filled with tiny pimples and my skin felt so oily during the day. So I learned my lesson and I took the time to treat my skin with love!

How do you prepare your skin for your beauty sleep?
C: I always make sure to remove my makeup and wash my face with the Dark Angels cleanser from LUSH. I’ve been in love with this brand for years and highly recommend it! Once my face is clean I use vitamin E oil from I bought from Whole Foods (3 or 4 drops is more than enough) and I wait a few minutes so my skin can take it all in.

And in the morning?

C: When I wake up I wash my face with a light cleanser called Let The Good Times Roll (also by LUSH!), and moisturize it with a very light serum called Vino Perfect Radiance by Caudalíe.

I'm sensing big love for LUSH.
C: I always recommend them! All their products are handmade and contain all natural ingredients. Also, going to the store is such a magical experience and the staff are super nice and willing to help you find the products that suit your type of skin.

What other LUSH products do you use?
C: I highly recommend their fresh masks! Mexico City is pretty dry, so I usually put on face masks that hydrate my skin twice a week to keep a natural glow. 
Don’t Look At Me leaves skin feeling soft and hydrated, Rosy Cheeks helps reducing redness on skin, and Cosmetic Warrior helps with pimples and black heads.

How do you feel self love and skin care are connected? 
C: Giving your skin some love is a good way to start to treat yourself, because you do it twice a day. Make sure you feel gratitude every time you’re doing your routine, I promise you you’ll feel even better!

Any other self love routines?
C: There’s so many others I like to treat myself to! My self love rituals include a mani and pedi once a month, hot coffee in the morning, gardening to clear my mind, and a haircut when needed. Make sure to take some time to relax and thank yourself for all the hard work you do everyday!

Thanks Cons! Follow her on Instagram here and checkout her gorgeous photography here

Cover image via Henry Domke


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