5 Groovy Seventies Inspired Graphics

I had a major revelation this week that I had entirely boycotted all of my self-care routines in June. The small things (face masks, afternoon baths, real housewives episodes, yoga!) make such a difference in how I show up in the world, so I've spent this week making up for lost time. I even salt-bathed after the eclipse to cleanse out mucky energy! Ryan and I were travelling last week to see my little brother graduate (!!) and while a trip down memory lane is fun for a while, I returned home feeling pretty heavy. Walking a mile in my old shoes felt strangely far. Has anyone else experienced this after moving away from your hometown? Anyhow, getting back into my routines and seeking out inspiration always helps, so today I'm sharing 5 seventies inspired images for your Pinterest board that embody the RSL spirit. Protecting love, spreading light, and embracing counterculture. Have a great weekend! 

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