Why Do We Sage Our Vintage?

“Hey guys, so a lot of you have been asking...” - every influencer ever 

We’re not gonna pretend you asked WHY we sage all of our vintage, but we are gonna offer you our unsolicited answers anyways. 

1.) Saging is basically a spiritual laundry mat.
Sage has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties! One study found that burning it for an hour decreased the bacteria in the air by 94%. So when we sage our vintage, we're clearing out any germs the garments may have picked up. We also steam everything for a double whammy.

2.) Baggage not included. 
Germs are one thing. But taking on years of built up (potentially negative) energy every time you get dressed?! Not on our watch. Burning sage creates smoke that is thought to cleanse any negative history and energy from our vintage goodies. 

3.) We're just witchy like that.
At the end of the day, sage is a spiritual tool. Smudging has been used for a long time to connect to your higher self and enhance your intuition. If you ask us, sage is basically just flammable good vibes. Some types of sage is even known to be a little psychoactive... do what you will with that information. 



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  • Wow! Amazing. I knew about the power of sage but it never occured to me to use it on preowned clothes. I love the concept so much! Now I can’t wait to find that perfect item in your shop and enjoy it completely :)


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